Girls, What would be the most romantic first date?

It's up to you ladies


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  • Setting like this.. maybe more flowers.

    The night a little bit more darker like this..

    Some decorations like this...(the white light.. ball? I forget what they are called... just more of those not the table and chairs.

    Stars in the background would be more awestruck.

    Anyway, add two stool like chairs.

    And while we are sitting, him singing a song while playing his guitar = perfect!

    And maybe a little dancing.

    Definitely romantic to me.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I'm down for pretty much anything really.

    id love the beach, or some kind of park. a little picnic would be great. or an amusement park! but I'm not sure how much time that gives u to talk... until you get on the ferris wheel ;)

    i dont plan to get too intimate on a first date.

  • For me it would be dancing, horse back riding, tennis or going to the theater. Home cooked meal is also nice. Depends on my mood. I like someone who can make me laugh. It would be awesome if the date ended in sex. not a first to fourth date though.

  • Well all girls are different but if it was me I like walking down the street at night and seeing the city lights


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