What's your opinion on dating a guy your friend likes?

I was hanging out with my friend and her friend and I kinda developed a bit of a crush. I know she likes him so it doesn't feel right. He seemed to be kind of flirty towards me at times, he doesn't know she likes him. I don't think I'd date him cause I don't wanna lose my friend but what do you guys think of the situation? Is there any way this would be okay or is it always a no no? Thanks :)


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  • It's tough. If you like the guy and think he is worth losing the friendship over then do it. But good friends are hard to come by and find. You can't help it that he likes you more then he likes her. Take is as a compliment he finds you hotter then your friend. I think your doing the right thing by not pursuing something. You could still flirt if you want to. lol. l ain't gonna lie if it was me and my friend and the girl was a 10/10 that would be very tempting to sacrifice a friendship for. But I probably wouldn't pursue. Sometimes things just happen.

    • He's an awesome guy but I still wouldn't out my friendship on the line for him. She's my best friend and I wouldn't do that to her.

    • That is very good. I think your a good friend for not pursuing.

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