What does this say about his intentions?

We were walking and talking and we then stopped our tracks. He realised I was standing close to the trash bin and touched my back to guide me to another place. He still touched my back (both hands) now and then while talking to me (nothing disrepctful).

We then talked about some emotional stuff when he just said 'Sara, I've been wanting to kiss you for the past 10 minutes' in a happy-conflicted way and started inching closer until he was right infront of me (a slight nod and my head would bump into his chest) and looking down on me. I felt like I had to back away as our situation was quite complicated and I didn't want it happening like that.

Before we parted ways, he asked for a hug and used both his arms to wrap in a tight embrace. Kind of like a bear hug? I couldn't really move my arms and I was quite emotionally drained so I basically 'surrenedered' into his hug?

What does this say about the intensity of his feelings?

I'm actually mighty confused. A part of me is screaming to walk away but the other part of me wants this to work.
  • He has it bad for you- he has very intense feelings for you.
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  • He likes you but the intensity is not there
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think he had a case of nerves... Give him some more time, let him relax a little

    • Hey why would you think he was nervous? Thanks for answering, I really arrpeciate it.

    • *appreciate

    • The way everything happened, appears he was just over-thinking everything.
      Over-Thinking = Nerves...
      He should be a lot more relaxed next time

Most Helpful Girl

  • I am a little lost. Why are you not rejoicing? He sounds like a keeper, respectfully telling him he'd like to kiss you before going in for the kill. Being thoughtful and that soul-crushing embrace? What else am I missing?


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What Guys Said 6

  • Never mind his intentions, make up your mind, first.

    • You're right. I should know what I want out of this and I guess I'm still in the process if figuring it out. But as my thought process progresses, I just want to have a good read of him before jumping into anything and letting my guard down.

    • A good read, well you are not going to get it like that. What I moreso aimed at is you should first decide if you are ready and willing to open yourself to someone else, to commit. The sweet moments like the ones you had are deceptive, you can't just decide in the heat of the moment. Go out with this person for a few months, learn to know one another. Are you willing to do that? Do you have the time to do that? Perhaps, some things, at current time, are more important. These are the things you have to consider assuming what you and he mean is a serious relationship, the one you want to back awa from and yet to work out.

  • I didn't vote. It sounds like he's really into you but what're these complications you reference?

    • Hey can you drop me a message? I'm hoping to discuss this issue in private

  • Am I getting the full picture? He feels strongly for you. What are you worried of? Are you afraid that he is playing with your feelings? I don't think a player would have been that careful or considerate.

  • His actions are telling you everything -he has intense feelings for you.

    • I don't see how his feelings as being lukewarm but as for other users stating that you need to know what you want, I completely agree with them.

  • Sounds like his feelings for you are intense

  • If I did this to a girl, I must really like her


What Girls Said 1

  • This guy sounds really sweet and has strong feelings for you. What's stopping you?

    • She is at the age where she doesn't know for herselfwhat she wants. That be the case, the consistent solution is to back off.

    • I don't see how the intensity isn't there but I do agree that you should figure out what you want

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