Girls, give me help, dating and confused?

I have been dating this woman for a 2-3 weeks, she has a high level of interest, which is good... I like her more than a one night stand, so I haven't taken advantage of that situation... but also I am not sure if she has quite enough to be more than a casual fuck either, and I am really confused within myself.
Is it best to just let her be if I am this confused about her? I honestly can't see a clear path


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  • Leave the sex thing to one side for the moment.

    Ask yourself:

    Do you want to introduce her to your friends and family eventually?
    Do you mind taking her out to nice places and paying for it?
    Do you like how she dresses/general appearance?
    Do you want to get hold of her sexually?
    What is the common ground between you, what interests do you share?
    Do you see the world from totally different angles?
    Is she ambitious? Does she have drive?
    Does she have her own life going on outside of you?
    Do some of your goals align?

    etc etc I could go on.

    Just ask yourself how she is fitting into your life and whether it's a good thing or not and then think about the sexual side of things.


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