Why can't I just meet a nice black girl?

Seriously, I'm so sick of only knowing white girls, I mean, wanna know what it's like being Chris getting to go to Corleone? Girls don't just reject you, the don't even recognize you as a dating option, it fucking sucks. Not to mention all the guilt I've felt the past 3 years mainly being attracted to Caucasian females. I want, need it to end, why can't I just meet a nice black girl that likes me back?


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  • No black woman wants you to "settle" for them. So now since white women want nothing to do with you, you suddenly want us? Boy bye.

    • Damn, black women be paranoid AF, I'm just wondering why I can't meet a nice black girl and you're getting offended, shit

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  • Take a break from dating for a bit and focus on something else. You sound really frustrated with your dating life at the moment and it tends to make it harder to find someone.

  • Are black chicks your last option? Not trying to be rude, that's just what it sounds like.

    • That's not it, it's that I don't know any black girls and, because of that I never got to date in high school.

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    • I tried, mostly white girls on the site

    • I don't know then dude. You'll find a nice black girl if you were to move to a different state. Good luck with that though.

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