Why did she say "we're living together"?

So I've been dating this absolutely stunning girl since last week. We hit it of almost immediately.

I know a lot of people are against having sex after the first date, but we did... and it was incredible.

Anyway, we were at this shopping mall since she wanted my advice/help on some things she was getting. I have no idea about fashion, but I gave it my best shot.

Anyway, she got the attention of this guy working in one of the shops. He was blatantly hitting on her. It didn't really bother me... I mean it did hurt a wee bit, but I was fine.

I heard her say "I'm here with my boyfriend (points to me), we're living together".

Lol... why did she say that when all she had to say she wasn't interested?


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  • Ideally, a guy would stop hitting on us after we say we're not interested, but that doesn't usually work. Saying we have a boyfriend is much more effective. I'm not sure why she would throw in the part about living together, though.

    • Well yeah, I was a bit taken aback when she said it.

      I don't know how aggressively the guy was trying to chat her up. She did tell me afterwards "that guy was such a creep" lol

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  • While all she needed to say was "I'm not interested," sometimes people feel the need to justify their actions when there is no need. Since the guy was BLATANTLY hitting on her, she probably wanted to make it extremely clear that she wasn't interested. How does she do this? She says she's with her boyfriend. She points to you to make sure the guy knows that you are, in fact, the boyfriend and that she is actually there with you. The "we're living together" bit? That was just to drive the point home.

    In her mind, as far as I could tell, she saw this guy relentlessly hitting on her, who she thought probably wouldn't take "I'm not interested" as an answer, and needed a sure-fire way to get him off her back, and the best way she could think of doing that was to add as many details as possible so that there could be no mistake.


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  • Some guys don't take very well to 'I'm not interested' it's easier to lie because that way they don't get mad or hurt- you think teenage girls are hormonal you should try saying 'no' to a grown ass man.

  • Girls are random, and they say of the first thing that comes to mind, so maybe she wanted to make it really obvious.

  • She is really interest in you.


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