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A 3way? My girlfriend and a female friend of hers was hanging out watching tv and some like drama show was on about a couple wanted 3ways and my gf's friend started to joke about it with me and my girlfriend. We joked along but that was it. Then after her friend left my girlfriend was really in the "mood". Yesterday we talked about it serious both over text and on the phone, over text she seemed to want it or at least be completely fine with it. But over the phone she said she wouldn't like it but would do it for me... I'd never do that unless she'd want it... I'm just confused on if she wants it or not?
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  • Most people have the 3some fantasy pop in their head from time to time. Most people do find it very erotic, but only as a mental fantasy and not something they would actually act out in real life. I think she does fantasize about it, but feels guilty about it or ashamed and is looking for your approval to pursue anything further.


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  • I think she wants to do it to make you happy, and a part of her is actually curious. HOWEVER do not, i repeat do not mix friends into it!

    • Yeah. My girlfriend said you're met to do that with a stranger

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