Have I been sacrificing a lot to myself? Have I been wrong?

Tbh, I regret like anything right now. I feel lonely and drained. There was a guy who liked me and I really liked him too but I've just moved there and my dad had passed away some months ago. My mom moved in there just for my studies. And I started chatting with this guy (We're not that complete starngers though) He's the cutest and nicest guy I've ever met. But he has never seen me so he asked for my pic. First it was trust issues but then I realised that sending him my pic would take this relationship to the next level considering that he came to my school when I told him which my school is. And also I was less into my studies because that I was obsessed to chatting with him. But even when I didn't send him my pic, we kept talking. It went on for a year and more. One day, we fought and I unfriended him and deactivated the account (im the one who made it serious) and I never talked to him again. After about 4-5 months, he msged me but I talked to him in a not-intersted manner. I really liked him and talking to him made my happy especially the times when my father passed away. But I wanted to end it every time because I knew that I was only 14 and my mom struggled and spend a lot in staying there and I was just talking with some guy. I thought I was being selfish. Now I don't know whether what I did was good or nah. I'm struggling with my life. I just wish I still had him. I hurt him a lot.


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  • Yes, I think you are too young right now to have relationships, I would suggest just concentrate on your schooling right now, you can have relationships when you have matured into a young woman instead of wanting to have relationships as a teenager.

    That's my suggestion.


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