Whats up with the lack of affection now?

so me and this guy met online more than a month ago, we have been dating and he was super affectionate and he would hold my hand in public and in the car and give me kisses on the nose and forehead. I was really beginning to think that things were going good. as of late when i see him none of that happens anymore. he doesn't initiate cuddling unless i ask and he will kiss me still but its only a hello, goodbye kiss. he won't hold my hand or hug me in public anymore and he seems distant but not distant enough to have sex. why is this happening and what can i do to change it? it seems so soon for him to stop showing affection.


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  • He did what he thought you would want to get what he wanted. Now that need is satisfied he no longer respects you.

    • even though I was still having sex with him when he was still being affectionate?

    • How long did he continue being affectionate while you were having sex? It sounds like that is what happened. However, with the limited information about this it is difficult to be sure. There are a lot of things that could be going on to cause his loss of interest in being affectionate with you.

    • up until last week. we have been together for nearly 2 months while having sex

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  • You probably can't change it, and he isn't feeling you for whatever reason. It happens...


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  • He doesn't like you move on.


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