Not getting chosen?

My brother is choosing to go to hus gfs college grad over mine. I am 22 and they are 26 and have been dating for 4 years. We graduate same time and day so going to both isn't an option. Im hurt because while yes i know they are headed in the direction of marriage i feel like he chose someone who isn't family over family. Family will always be there. Thats not the case necessarily for a girlfriend. I told him how i felt and he said well my girlfriend would be really hurt if i didn't go to hers and she has helped me out through so much i owe it to her to watch her walk across that stage. Would you be hurt if u were me? Should he choose his sister over his gf?


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  • No. He should pick his partner over you. I would pick my guy over my brother too

    • But i have beem around for 22 years she has been around for 4. I like her and a but they could always break up i will always be his sister.

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