Guys: Is he waiting for me to show interest back or should I move on?

Me and this guy have been seeing each other for almost 3 months. I live about an hr away. Since our first date I've always spent the night since we usually stay up late and he doesn't want me to drive home late at night. We hang out at his place or go on dates every week since our first date. At first it was multiple times a week until he got his new big job a couple weeks back. It now cut down to waiting for his 2 days off to spend them together. Yes we have sex every single time we're together. He's always initiated contact and made plans for his days off. At first, texting all day every day being sweet and funny, sending looong messages. It cut back a lot. Now it's just when he gets out of work later at night and for a short period of time, our conversations are usually about his job. Last time we were together we hung out Thursday, i spent the night, spent the day together Friday, I spent the night, and both left for work early Saturday morning. He text me later Saturday night for three texts and that was it. Nothing until I text him Wednesday. Text for a little in the morning then nothing until 11 and he said he hoped all was going well with my job and school & apologized 'cuz he spaced out got busy and forgot'. Text me once more and done. Nothing since then. It's now Sunday. Nothing. No contact, haven't seen him. Does he want me to put in more effort & text him or has he had his fun and moved on? Please help. I just want to know.


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  • He wants you to put in more effort.

    • How should I go about texting/talking to him?

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