Should I persue this girl or not?

I've known this girl for about 2weeks now. We text everyday, even though sometimes she doesn't text back for a few hours. (Usually at work but could be deliberately ignoring me.) The past few days, we've been hanging out. One day, we went and got food together then hung out at my house for a few hours. The other day one of my guy friends (who was her first friend when she moved to town a few weeks ago) told her to come hang out with us after work so she did. I should mention that she told me when she first met him she had a crush on him because they hung out for like two days straight. I know for a fact he isn't interested in her and I don't know if she still likes him. all three of us we're at my house, and I was carrying him, just joking around. She said "I want to be carried" so I carried her to my door. (Weird, I know.). he fell asleep and me and her stayed up and talked until she left at like 6 am. I asked her yesterday when I would see her again, and she said "I DUNNO MAN" and I just said "alright". She apologized for not knowing and then invited me to Starbucks with her while she was writing a paper. She also seemed nervous when I was jokingly calling myself goofy looking, put her head down and stuttered while saying "you don't look goofy. You look fine.". Everyone keeps telling me she likes me but I don't see it. Opinions?
I should also add that we have a lot in common. We're both musicians, love the same music, hobbies, etc.


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  • I think you have something going here. However, try to talk to her a little less. Try not to text her everyday for a week or two because you seem too available right now. She will lose interest in you. Text her like every other day or every other two days from here on now. Also, you have only known her for two weeks. It is a terrible idea to move on her too fast.

    • I know. I planned on building a good friendship with her before I tried anything. I just really like her. Do you really think the whole "Don't text her" thing will work? Also, what if she texts me first?

    • Yes, you may text her back if she texts you first. But if let's say you somehow cannot text her back for a long time, it's not such a bad thing.

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