We had a talk and it surprised me?

So my girlfreind had a talk about 2 weeks ago, she wanted to take a break. She was saying that she is trying in this relationship and all i do id tell her how I feel like she is not. Im away at school now and she is back home. I was not expecting it at all, so we agreeed to a month to give it ago and try to work it out. I feel like their is a nother person in the picture that she isn't telling me about. I have been real tempted to read threw her text messages while she is in the shower but I have been good and haven't looked threw her phone. The reason why I say this is she has been hanging out with this one guy a lot and talks about him all the time and yeah. I really want this relatonship to work, its just so dam hard because I'm 3 hours away and I use to live in the same town but my family moved to another state. Its just really hard for both of us. But I want to ask her if their was or still is another guy that she would be intrested in. What are your thoughts?


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  • Have a serious conversation with her so you guys can clear up your situation.


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