Just friends or potential for more? Help interpreting what he said please?

So I recently hung out with this guy who I used to date a year ago, it ended quite badly as I thought it was heading somewhere serious but he'd just split up with a long term girlfriend so wanted to be on his own for a while said it was the wrong time etc but I decided I'd remain civil with his and 'friends'.

We went and played mini golf, shopping and had drinks but I'm really unsure as to whether he sees me as a friend now or more.
Things that make me think he sees me as a friend is that he told me he's ready to find someone and stuff about there being no women where he works, when we said bye after he dropped me at my house he literally just said so I'll catch you later then and hopefully see you again soon. And texted after saying thanks and he's had a lot of fun and would I like to do something again soon. We had such a good time got on really well, laughed loads and flirted.

But we've had such a strong attraction to each other in the past that it makes me think he must still see me in that way? He's asked to go to the cinema next week. Any opinions on this please what do I do, I don't want to get my hopes up? :(


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  • TL;DR, but if he's interested he'll make a move


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