Guys, do you like girls to approach you when you go out drinking with your mates? and how do you want them to approach you?


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  • Sure I would. I find confident women very sexy. If a woman has the guts to approach me when i am with some friends so much the better... all she needs to do is say hello. If she bought me a drink that would be icing on the cake! lol

    • I thought the same: I will just choose the guys who have the guts to approach me. Not because girls don't have courage to approach guys, just because we want to see guys with more courage lol

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    • thank you :)

    • No worries that is what GAG is all about.

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  • Sure I do, just saying hi is enough to show interest and I would see about the rest.

  • I actually like it but rather not pursue. I am shy.

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