Online dating: What to do next?

I started talking to this girl on pof on Wednesday night. We messaged back and forth a few times wed and thurs. Then late thurs she didn't reply. I messaged her again around noon on Saturday. asking how her Saturday was going. In which she replied 5-10 mins later with "hey so far so good got to sleep in lol How about yours?" Then another message saying "Hey I'm actually gunna delete this thing soon so if u wanna text me *insert number*"

So I texted her and she immediately replied with a "Hey what's up :)" The convo went as follows. With a lot of 1-3 hour gap between our replies

(around 1230) Me: Just hanging out at home. I might go to my brother's soon for the pool. What about you?
2:56 PM) Her: Oh nice it's so hot today I would go swimming too at my cousins but i work today -_-
5:41 PM) Me: Aw that's no fun. The pool was fun. Hope you have AC at work!
7:28 PM) Her: Lol yeah we do but it's still pretty hot,
10:02 PM) Me: Yeah today was ridiculously hot. How was work? :) Where do you work?
10:17 PM) Her; Work was good and I work at chuck e cheese lol
10:27 PM) Me: You're totally the person in the mouse suit aren't you? That;s why it was still hot with the AC. I know, I know I'm a master detective.

No reply and I know she's a night owl staying up till 4-5 every night, but It was Saturday night and I'm sure she was out. Now it's Sunday and I'm unsure when/if to text her and what to say. AND when am I supposed to call her and ask her out? I don't wanna screw this up. I haven't done a lot of dating lately and when I do I don't have as much interest as I do this time, so I don't want to be too afraid to do anything or jump the gun and seem desperate. So what should I do next? Text her? Text her tomorrow? Call her today or tonight to ask her out? Call her tomorrow night to ask her out? What's the next move. Thanks!


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  • Just straight out ask her if she wants to hang out. If she doesn't, then at least you'll have an answer and can move on to find someone else.


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