First Date...Ever.

First Date. Not Only Is It My first date with him but its my first date..ever. I really want to impress him, we’ve been talking for awhile and we’ve seen each other before but were going to hang out Monday just me and him. We Don’t know where yet though. There isn’t much to do in our town..he said we might could hang at his house, which I don’t know about. Or Go To The Movies or something. Any Ideas? I also need out fit Ideas I wanna go girly and dressy but not too dressy, like I wanna wear jeans. Also Does Anyone Have First Date Tips/Advice? This Is For Girls And Guys.


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  • well for my first date, it was with one of my close friends )we knew each other for ages and go to school together and shared a few classes) we went to the movies, we saw a romantic comedy, and we ended up kissing about half way throught were there was a romantic spot in the film, and didn't stop :S best moment of my life, I miss her dearly,

    as for your out fit, I would go for somthing a little less formal, jeans and a tea shirt kinda thing,

    and as dunc17 said, I woulden't trust him at his home, if there's nothing on at the movies maybey have him around for tea then you know that your parents are arround just in case...


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  • I wouldn't go to his house or movies because it's a first date! you wanna get to talk to him and get to know him a little better instead of sitting quietly in a movie. His house could be a little boring or could get suspicious (ha spelling?) because who knows if he will have his parents home or not and I don't know the guy but hopefully he wouldn't do this. rather not risk it though.

    I would try and go to a place were there are games and things to do like putt-putt or go karts or something fun just to hang out and have some fun or just go out to the mall and hang out there.