What would you do if your new date told you he/she is a murderer?

You know how people don't tell their bad sides right away. But say, after a few weeks or months of dating a person who you really find amazing and think he or she is the best person you've ever met, he/she tells you the truth that he/she served 10-20 years in prison for murder but got released early because of good behavior. After your initial shock, what would you think of the person and what would you do?

  • Run for my life, never talk to the person again, ignore
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  • Tell the person you are sorry but you just can't go on with him/her because of your beliefs and morals, and you can't talk or see each other ever again
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  • Lose the romantic relations but stay friends with him/her
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  • Not change my views on the person in any way, the past is over, future is what to look forward to
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  • I really want to say I'm not so shallow as to judge you for that, but the truth is, Id run like hell. It probably wouldn't matter your explaination. But then again, a really close family friend of ours had attempted murder prior to us knowing her... and I still love her, and she's like my auntie. But I know her heart.

  • I would smile and fake my way through 1.5-2 more months of the relationship but then I would try to amicably split so he doesn't get suspicious or invoke any rage in him.

    "It's not you, it's me" lol


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