He doesn't want LDR?

Met this guy and we were talking non stop everyday. He told me he likes me which I didn't took seriously cause we just met online. But then as days pass i started liking him even more. It might be too fast but our connection was extreme we already talked about our personal issues baggage and all. He was also the first one who confessed his feelings but he is scared because he might go to another country. he said he doesn't want to break hearts and doesn't want his heart broken either. And so it happened. one morning he said he needs to go because of work. he said goodbye. he said he is into me a lot and he finds ending things with me lame but he doesn't want a long distance relationship. he also told me he hopes that he made life better for me like i did with him. he asked me too if i regret meeting him. we agreed to meet that day but eventually decided not to do it anymore cause it will make it harder for the both of us. i dont want to add stress in his life cause he is also having problems with his career but what should i do? is there a chance he would miss me and still talk to me? does he really like me? he is also the one who opens about what we have but he is too scared because of the distance. what to do? help!
I need a guy's take on this :) but girls' opinions are much appreciated also. thanks


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  • You can't force someone to be in a relationship with you, try to forget about him and move on to someone else

    • Yeah i really think I should do that. Thank you!

    • You're welcome

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