Girls, What should I do? Girlfriend seems a bit off, ?

Maybe i'm overthinking this way too much,

I know her for 2 weeks now, and for 5 days now we have been in a relationship. We had unprotected sex twice, and enjoy each other a lot. I feel really happy with her, and she texts me that she misses me , and how in love she is with me. She went to a festival this weekend, and first night, she was texting me, she missed me , etc.. yesterday she was a bit short, texted me, i text u when i'm home. she did and texted me to be at her place at 8. She has a 4,5 yo daughter, her kid likes me a lot. anyway, she was a bit off, she seemed tired , i managed to get a kiss from her. She texted me when i left, that it was sweet from me to come to her place, but that she was really tired. today she is also a bit short, little bit of texting then, i have to go working, bye xxx. is it just the stress of her daughters first school day, the fact she is really tired.

Am i going to quick, because im always excited to get texts from her. i dont care if i haven't slept at all , im always the same in my replies. Im thinking of buying her a rose, drop it in her mail box, with a little note. Just something to turn a little smile on your face. She also buyed me something small on that festival, haven't received it so far. i told her that she didn't have to , out of politeness. im afraid she took it maybe a bit wrong, because i really do want that gift. should i text her, that i think it is super sweet from her to buy me that gift, and i can't wait to see what it is.
please what do you think, she does text me and keep me up to date, but since Sunday its not so sincere, its just goodnight xxx instead of wish u were next to me, i miss you. i do notice she sounds very tired, and i can imagine but it hurts if all of a sudden she is so much different. so this Friday ill try to cheer it up, by taking her to a restaurant and for a nice romantic walk at the city park. she does keep me up to date to her plans and tells me when we can meet. what do you girls think


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  • It takes a few years to know a person and their traits, fully. It's still early and there are going to be sides to her that you've yet to experience. Communication is essential in any relationship and if you are unsure of where you stand, you are entitled to clarification from her. Approach her in a relaxed, non accusatory way (or she might become defensive) and advise her you've noticed a difference in the dynamics between you guys. Enquire if there's anything she feels she needs to express with you... be receptive to what she has to say.

    • wow thanks , yes communication is important but i don't feel like asking her if something is wrong. She has been single for some time, and things are going great. After we had sex 1st time, she asked me if we were together now. I told her yes we are. We text a lot and she does give me some priority, asking me to send her my workplan, so she can plan around it. She does text me, when she is home and if i want to drop by. Just yesterday she seemed a bit off and short, not those messages like i miss you , wish u were here. Ok i should keep in mind, today is her daughters first schoolday, so her daily rhytem has to adjust to that. her work, taking care of her daughter, spending some time on her own with her little girl. so i felt bit sad after yesterday, her daughter likes me but told me she wants some time with her mommy. Now i feel like im pressuring it, while i dont want to. i come by when she tells me its ok to come.

    • so i feel like maybe staying a bit more on the background. am i just overthinking her shorter answers. she only slept a few hours, hadn't showered for 2 days, her daughter first school day, working after 2 weeks off. Could it be thats the reason she seems a bit short... she did tell me that we can call later on :) so i feel like buying her a little romantic gift, some organic soap ( she is into healhty stuff ) , a few chocaltes, a rose and drop it in her mail box. something cheap but thoughtfull to relax with. and leave a little note " something to put a smile on your face, something for you to enjoy the evening to. i think its very sweet that you bought me something little on the festival , love to know what it is, but my time with you is far more valuable to me. x u think thats a little nice

    • Yes, she has a lot to contend with right now. I suggest backing off and giving her some space, but also let her know you are there when she is ready for all that love and affection :3

      Also, take this slower... much slower.

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