Guys how do you feel about drunk texts?

As the question States what do you feel about drunk texts from a girl you like and have just started dating? Not anything bad, just a couple of double texts?


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  • Depends what they say.

    Did you tell a guy you wanted to ride his dick just after meeting him, or something?

    • No aha! Just normal texts but just sending double texts so s little pesty! I did say in one of them enough about me how's your night going. I also apologised last night when I got in and sobered up! However nothing from him this morning so I'm a bit worried

    • @Asker

      Ahh right. Nah that seems fine, I really can't imagine any guy getting bothered by that. I definitely wouldn't.

      In fact if anything I'd be kinda glad for the enthusiasm, drunk or not.

  • I'd tell her not to drive.


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