Girls, Am I getting played on purpose?

So I decided to date this boy from facebook who I really like and everything. He's been really nice to me and caring. He decided to date me so he asked me first. I believe today third day we've been talking. He had my pictures on his facebook all over saying I love you. But I started feeling weird when he first sent me a voice message. I replayed it over and over then I heard someone in the background like telling him what to say. But then I asked him for another one which is the last and I only heard one voice. Then last night he send me a video of himself talking saying that why I'm acting this way etc.


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  • First off, are you guys dating purely online or in person? Either way, you can just be honest with him from the start and tel him you thought you heard someone.. Now it's not too late but if you've already told him there's no reason then there might be a little problem. Do you guys live close enough to meet?


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