What makes dating or even asking a girl out worth it?

I'm a young man and am sadly turning into somewhat of a mysogynist. Don't get me wrong I support equal rights and representation of all groups within our modern society, but women seem to be essentially selfish to me.

From an evolutionary perspective women had to be selfish in order to attempt to secure a better mate, and that character trait just seems to be dominant to me. Everywhere women are too self obsessed to even bother to look at you like you are worth the time of day. Whether it be main stream culture, gentlemanly traditions, or practically any altercation between persons of opposite sex (yes slapping a man or throwing a drink in his face is ASSAULT ladies!!!), women usually seem to project an aspect of bias towards themselves than placing value in the community at large.

Yes I have met some extrordinarily nice women, but they never expressed interest in me as a person I always met them through some sort of connection.

My question is why should I bother even giving the female dating pool a chance? I don't care about sex, emotional stability through a significant other is detrimental to your own self worth and development in my opionion, I'm not religious, I'm not bothered by the idea of not having kids.


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  • All I can really say is that it will only ever be worth it if you find a girl who isn't the type you described, a kind of woman who is unfortunately rather common. It horrifies me to see how many women still hold onto the belief that it is the man's job to make the first move and pay for every date. Hearing women actually believe those things makes me actually ashamed to be the same sex as them.

    I honestly can't give you any real reasons here to date, unless you should be able to find a woman who isn't so entitled or supporting traditional gender roles in dating that shouldn't be a thing anymore.

    I wish you the best of luck with your search, if you even do decide to keep looking, although I couldn't blame you if you don't.


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  • Well... the only thing I see worthy about this is... the man gets a woman to have a relationship and possibly sex with. If he is fine not having these privileges, then he is never forced to ask women out.

    This is one of the MAJOR double standards of the society, We men have to either do it, or stay single forever. Sad but true.


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  • If you hate women then please stay far far away from us. Maybe if you still want to date you could try dating a man? It might work for you. You are the type that would find bad traits in any women whether they are actually there or not. Because you have already decided in you mind that you hate all of us so no matter how great a girl is you will still always hate her. So don't date women please.

    • You just exhibited a selfishness in even answering this question!, what do you think I'm going to have an effect on women overall and that I'm somehow targeting you personally?

      I'm a perfectly nice guy I just want someone who values me as a person, rather than blatantly attack me and question my sexual preferences like you just did.

    • You that homophobic? You have already rather stubbornly decided in your mind that all women are evil so not matter how perfect a woman is she will never be good enough for you. I'm simply stating the truth you just shouldn't date women ever, besides the fact that you don't want to you will come into the relationship already bitter and ready to fight because you hate women. So don't do it.

    • I think it's selfish that you expect a woman to value you as a person while you will always think of her as fundamentally evil just for being female. You can't expect what you won't give back.

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