How long should I wait to see if he wants to hang ou?

I'm dating this guy i started speaking too last Thursday, since then we've been out on a date Friday night (which I asked) we had a great time & things went really well he's told me he likes me & the feeling was mutual. He then invited me over Saturday night! The next day as he said it'd be nice seeing me again! I also thought the night went really well once again! He has said about next time etc but he has been taking a long time to reply these last two days, I haven't double texted him or asked what's up. He's either busy as he's been working or he doesn't have his phone with him. However it is worrying to me as before texts were more often, I'm trying to ignore signs in texts as I've heard guys don't get how much girls read into it! Now I saw him Saturday which he asked me out, he has said to me if I ever want to do anything to give him a text as he doesn't really do much & I said the same. Do I see what he's doing Wednesday or Tuesday night and gauge if things have changed on his behalf or is it too soon to ask to do something? Also are you guys guilty of the long text responses to girls you like?


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  • Give it a few more days wait till Friday night try to be aloof. Just go with the flow try not to freak out if he sees that your becoming a little distant maybe he'll want to ask you out instead of you asking him. Remember you guys are just starting out, what i would do is disappear for a day or two and he'll definitely reach out and see whats going on.

  • Yes ask him to do something and see what he says. If he really likes you, he'll be more than happy you asked.


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