Are there situations or viewpoints you nod your head and agree with (when it comes to your significant other) just to avoid trouble?

I mean everyone should stand up for what they believe in right? but its also okay to have differeing opinions from your significant others as well.. right? So what if your significant other gave an opinion you didn't agree with, and you know that if you stated your opinion they would get highly upset... lol I'm asking this more as a to see what people say thing. I won't lie there have been a few times in my past where I've done soo.. it was only with small things though, I'm pretty open about my MAJOR view points with my significant other when I have one... I don't know I kinda picture a man agreeing with his wife even if he disagrees just so he doesn't get an earful when I think of this lol.

I know this is a bit of a dumb question but I also think sometimes people will lay down their opinons to please others, especially those they care about, even if they disagree.


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  • I could never respect a man who just nodded and agreed with me, even when he didn't lol because I would never that. Me and my boyfriend get into "arguments" all of the time and he's really opened my mind about certain subjects and i've changed his mind on some as well.

    I do agree with you though, I think people try to avoid conflict with their partner sometimes,. I also see people being extremely biased towards their partners behavior and taking their side even when they're blatantly wrong a lot of the time. I think some people think in order to be with someone, you have to some how morph yourself into one person.

    • well there is the whole portrayal in the media of the guy not sticking up for his wife so she gets all upset and stuff... guys don't tend to like to upset their girls lol.

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    • lol, not all guys are :) and mine isn't, thank god

    • lol just as there are still "good" girls left out there, there are nearly just as many "good" guys..:P but I'm glad you have a good one and that you are happy :)

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  • The only thing I've had to accept while strongly disagreeing with my wife is her rearrangement of the side mirrors when she drives my car. I appreciate we are not the same height so some adjustment is necessary, my problem is she deliberately adjusts them to show her the sides of her own vehicle rather than the position of other cars in her blind spots. I have shown her official guides on how to set wing mirrors and argued the case minutely but nothing changes her mind. It concerns me because I see it as a safety issue and one on which she is clearly mistaken.

    She likes to be able to see her own car in the mirrors because her spacial awareness is poor and I understand that but it's not safe.


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