What is the best gift u can give to ur girlfriend?

I need some advice. My girlfriend's bday is arnd the corner. I want to give her something which reminds her of me. I really love her very much and i want to make her very happy! Can u guys give me some advices on what should i give her. by the way she is 16 years old and will be 17 in couple of weeks


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  • i think your girlfriend will be happy with whatever you give her
    it's the thought that counts
    if you know she's had her eye on something for a while, you can give that to her

    when i was a teen, people commonly did mix-tapes. you can make an equivalent of that on spotify or dragontape

    • But there must be something tgat she would really love it than any other things i give her...

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  • Okay this is what I did look back at your favorite memories your favorite things about her get her a silver char bracket with 4 charms for your four favorite memories and have it engraved with a cute saying that maybe one or both of u say often or come up with a new one


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  • Something handmade ❤️

    • Thats a good idea... well can u sufgest what shud i make :p

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    • Thats a really nice choice mann!!
      thanks a lot!!! :D

    • ❤️😊👍 np, now go make someone's day!

  • A home cooked meal :) ask your parents for help with the cooking


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