My coworker left work today, but I wanna keep in touch and ask her out?

Hi everyone. One of my coworkers left work today, and i wanna keep in touch then possibly ask her out. We used to talk and smile a lot, so i think i can say we're on good terms. Although, i coulnd't say a proper goodbye, because it was in such a short notice i had to run not to miss the bus (Just f***ing miss the bus, it's not more important than her, right?). We don't have anywhere to casually just bump into each other, so i'm kinda lost. I have her number and I'm thinking about texting her after a few days like "how's it going :D" then ask her out after some time.(She's out of town now, but i know she'll be in town in 2 weeks). How should i proceed? What should i talk about? I'm so green in this kinda thing, i don't even know what to casually text a girl. Every little bit of advice is much appreciated.
Long story short, what to text a girl to keep casual interaction flowing?


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  • Apologise saying you are sorry you didn't get to say a proper goodbye an dyou hope she will maybe fancy a drink when she comes back to town ;) then text her closer to the time again and ask whens good for her :) x


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  • This is like what happened when I quit the place I used to work with my crush.
    Call her to ask her out, text her for other stuff, but I don't recommend conversing through text unless she tries to.

    • I guess that's more of a personal thing for me. I think texting is a million times worse than talking face-to-face (and a hundred thousand times worse than calling) but it seems like most other people think it's only ten times worse.
      There's just so much guesswork with texting... when will they reply, what did they mean by that, etc. You can't read their emotions, which is a fucking huge part of conversation.

      It's just more satisfying when you can finally have a real, face to face conversation.

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