Would you date a guy who just got fired from his job?

I just lost my job and my self esteem went with it. It was a competitive job I worked very hard to acquire. It will be very tough to find another one like it. Am I still datable?


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  • I think its hard to date without job or rather without money as most dates do involve spending money on dinners and activities and gas just to get there and it would be just a little weird that given your circumstance you would be 'wasting' money on dating rather then saving and using your own cash for your needs until you find a new job... that is to say unless you find someone you can explain all this to, and who is willing to understand your situation, and down with just going out to like parks and stuff which trust me, there are even in this day and age, women who would be fine with that. There is always hope. Good luck with your job search and dating search. I know both can be really tough.

    • Thank you. Money isn't an issue quite yet. I've saved up a whole bunch and I don't spend much. It's mostly my self esteem that has taken the most damage. It'll be tough for me to fall back onto a shitty McJob that I worked so hard to get away from.

    • Believe me when I say, I completely feel your pain, but even in this dark period, try and think, each day I work is one step closer to getting back on my feet, dating again, and feeling better about your life/situation. Not easy, but you'll make it, one step at a time.

    • thanks for the MH

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  • You're not datable. You're officially out of the game buddy, it's time to throw in the towel.
    Better luck in the next life Chief.

  • Sure you are, I mean everything happens for a reason in the grand scheme of things... something better will come along I'm sure of it


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