Is she inexperienced?

Hi all, I'll keep it shortish.

I have a coworker I am into. We are both 24 and relatively new to the company. We both work in the same branch too. Anyway, we got pretty close to each other. We even went on one date together.

That was a few weeks ago. She has always seemed kind of shy and a little playful but now something is a bit odd. She isn't as playful anymore but is even more shy now. She still giggles, nervously fidget around me, and I see her looking at me from afar.

Niw for the inexperienced bit... she has never brought up any previous relationships or significant others. Never in the whole few months I've been talking with her. She is a total introvert (so am I) and I've heard her say how she isn't good at making conversation (our one date was a bit silent but fun).

So yeah, I'm afraid she may have lost interest in me or she may be getting really shy. I'm also the one who initiates things. I did ask her on another date. She was busy but seemed pretty happy to get together again. Ugh... why do things need to be confusing. Thanks, everyone. Sorry this really wasn't short.


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  • Keep talking to her, don't give up


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  • not necessarily


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