Am I wrong for feeling like he's not into me?

This "relationship" has been going on for 10 months and I feel like it hasn't progressed at all. He's never taken me out on a date, won't let me come to see him, we only use Facebook to communicate since he apparently damaged his phone, and we never see each other. We literally haven't seen each other since December of last year. I'm thinking about just ending it now. Am I wrong for feeling like I mean absolutely nothing to him? To make matters worse, he's got a 6 month old kid and claims he's always "studying."


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'm not sure if this is a real question or just a troll...

    But if it's real then I'll say this... If you haven't seen him since last year then you're not dating. You're being delusional to think otherwise.

    You don't even need to "break up" with him since you don't talk to him. Instead you need to stop all communications.

    Escape this silly game you're playing and move on. Because your self esteem needs you to focus on you, instead of chasing some dream that's not real.

    Walk away. ASAP. Because he did, last year.

    Good luck,
    ~ Robby


What Girls Said 1

  • its not a relationship sorry to tell you. he doesn't have feelings for you at all otherwise he'd have asked oyu out already.


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