My guy friend told me he loved me - Should I confront him about it?

This past weekend, I went out with one of my friends who I've been hooking up with for the past couple weeks on and off. We're both in college and go out to parties together with mutual friends. I stayed over at his place and in the morning when we were laying together, he said, "I love you."

I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say. I stayed quiet because we aren't dating and I'm unsure of my feelings about him. We've never had a dating or exclusivity talk.

Do you think maybe he said it as a friend? Or was just in the heat of the moment since we were cuddling? Or that he meant it? I'm a little scared to address it. And it was said at such a random time.

Advice? Thanks!


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  • Haha I don't like the wording here!!
    Don't "confront " him talk to him :).

    Honestly I'm sure he meant it. Do you have feelings for him? Ever pictures you two as being a couple in any way?

    It's those moments where the lines gets blurred, like cuddling where the physical barrier has been broken and you start to feel connected to the other person (like a couple) where it's hard to control what comes out when you speak lol. The moment was there and b4 you knew it, he probably just let his heart do the speaking even with his mind trying to play defense lol.

    Go easy on him if you don't reciprocate the feelings. It's a hard spot to be in for you and him. I've turned a GIRL Friend down b4 and had a GIRL friend turn me down b4, very crudely tho... crushed me little heart with a cold "WTF are you into me". <-- don't take this approach haha. :)


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  • I think you should ask him if what he said was true.
    If you don't you probably won't know.

    Usually the "heat of the moment" involves a lot of kissing and sex.
    But you mentioned you were both cuddling, and he blurted those words out.
    I have a feeling he may have truly meant it.
    Just understand,
    It's okay if you don't feel the same way.
    You probably need more time to develop the same feelings as him.
    As much as we all want to, we don't all love someone at the same time.

    If love isn't what you are looking for, you have to let him know that.
    You shouldn't just burry this.
    You don't want to give any false misconceptions.


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  • he sounds like he meant it. tell him you don't want a relationship now. that's better than pretending.


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