Long distance friends. Should I tell him?

We've been friends for 3-4 years. Started to get really close last year but moved away after uni. I see him about every month or so with a group of friends but I always come back feeling frustrated and sad because I really like him and at times I feel that he feels the same way but something is holding him back.

Should i I tell him and risk it our friendship?
we've held hands, had our arms around each other's waists, hugged for ages, he's complimented me etc. stuff he doesn't do with our other friends when he sees them. When we are together it almost feels like we're in a relationship but we're not crossing a line to the point where we are. So I'm confused as to wether he sees me as just a good friend or holding back from telling me because of the distance. What do you think?


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  • You should tell him.


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