Big deal or not when it comes to love? Opinions?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months. We haven't said I love you yet but over the past weekend we both told each other that were falling in love with each other.. Is it a big deal that neither of us have said I love you to each other? I'm scared to telll him because if he doesn't say it back it will hurt.. He has been hurt before and I dont know if its because he's scared or what..

But I feel like the love might be there.. he's said before "oh you love me" but i just kinda played it off and laughed while rolling my eyes.



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  • The fact that he's been hurt before is probably the reason why he hasn't said it yet or why he's holding back a little. Either way, just be patient with him and sooner or later you'll be able to say these things naturally. Good luck

    • i think you're 100% right. I know for a fact that his ex damaged him...

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  • For someone to say they're falling in love with you is a big step already, if he's been hurt before he may be scared that you may leave him after he opens up, give him time, love can't be rushed, he will say it even when he least expects it, just be patient that's how relationships last a lifetime

    • yeah you're right.. its just so hard because i want to say it so bad.. he has been hurt multiple time and i keep telling him I'm not going to hurt him but he just needs time.. like you said.

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    • thank you! i really appreciate it!

    • Anytime hun

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  • See with my girlfriend we both told each other we loved one another before entering a relationship... Maybe not "love love", but very strong feelings for each other.
    We feel comfortable talking about anything with each other and it's only been about a month. We tell each other why we love each other. That way it isn't just "I love you". Some days it is. Like if we argue over something or she gets mad. But nevertheless we still love each other very much

  • He is scared an dosn't want that full commitment until he knows u won't hurt him eather he dose but just to afraid wait another's week or so just when u r both really happy an alone and tell him I he dosn't say anything tell him u understand if he's not ready and u don't want to push him

    • i don't want to rush him.. i do want to tell him but I'm scared also...

    • U love him so just do it u want him to know, it will make him feel so good knowin u do, and that fear is what makes it so good to say it seems stupid to hav that much trouble with saying something so simple but that's what makes it so important just do it ik it will be tuff but its for the both of u

    • yeah you're right..

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  • Don't rush it. It's like a kiss. But if you really feel it, I say go for it. My boyfriend said it first within the first month and I didn't say it until the 3rd. Don't say it because you feel obligated, say it because you genuinely feel it.

    • I dont wanna rush him because he has been hurt before.. but i feel it.. i wanna say it so bad but if he doesn't say it back ill be crushed..

    • I will then advise you to wait for him to say it. Everything will be okay, you'll see, dear

    • thank you! I just hope its soon because i wanna say it so bad

  • Yes it's love.


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