Why would my ex boyfriend message me and then deactivate his account only a few hours later?

I dated a guy for two years and we broke up (he cheats, flirts, lies, lazy). This was early last year. Towards fall of last year he tried getting back in touch and cried till I agreed to try to be at least friends. 4 months later I couldn't take it because him and I could never be friends since friends don't use and treat people like he did. I told him that if he ever cared for me at all that he would never contact me again. So now I started the new year off without him. My cousin told me to start the new year by blocking him from facebook, even though I'm good with never stalking exes on facebook. When I went to do it I noticed he had already blocked me - good. However, we have mutual friends in common so around April I noticed through comments he had eventually unblocked me. Whatever. At this point I didn't even care cause I was dating someone else and after I ended it I no longer had feelings for him. Fast forward, it's now been 8 months of no contact. However, today he happened to message me on facebook asking if I was still living here since (prob since I had talked about moving at one point). I didn't respond. But now I was curious as to what he wanted so after all this time I decided to go on his account to see why he would possibly be reaching out to me only to find out he deactivated his account the same day he reached out to me. Why? So weird. No I don't have feelings. I am curious and want to know if any of you guys have an idea as to why he would deactivate a few hours after messaging me?


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  • He got embarrassed so he got rid of his account lol


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