Does he still wanna see me and hangout with me or no?

I really like this guy and from the way it seems I think he likes me too!
* we have been hanging out since June and we always talk and hangout as much as we can!
* he was over just last Tuesday and we were both being super cute around each other.
* another time we were out, I was cold so he gave me his jacket to wear.
* my friends tell me he likes me but he hasn't kissed me yet or anything so I don't know for sure
* we always hug when we see each other or once we say bye!
* but then this happened.. He had a bbq on Saturday with all his close friends and his sister and her boyfriend
* he invited me to this bbq and he said to bring some friends
* I told him I wasn't able to because they were either busy, had plans or working
* then he says this to me:Lol alright. You're always posting pics with a million friends I'm sure you'll find one or two
* then I say: I feel like a loser already and feel awkward coming by myself because all my friends are busy
* he says: Lol don't worry about it. You said you'll have no problem. It's not too late either. You still have a couple hours to find someone
* I said well I don't have anyone to bring tonight so I think I'm just gonna stick around here
* his answer was: okay
* so I messaged him today and said
Hey! hope your party went good last night. I really really wanted to come but i felt bad wasn't bringing any friends
*he says: Yup it was a great time!
Then I just say glad to hear, have a good day! And he hasn't ready or replied back at all and I don't know if he still wants to hangout with me or what!


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  • Why don't you ask him?


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