Girls, do I sound boring?

18 years old

don't drink or smoke

I'd only drink in social situations (once I'm 21)

I can drive

rather weird sense of humor

awkward around strangers (but don't shut up around friends).

However, I LOVE meeting new people.

party rarely. only to make new friends

I only hang with a small group of friends

no girlfriend

rejected by many since they had existing groups and cliques, and didn't want to include new people in their groups.

I do not have many friends


very few female friends, so I'm inexperienced


few hobbies gaming and movies

love all kinds of music like Uptown Funk, JayZ, etc

slight muscles

comp sci major in Cal State (will not reveal exact one due to privacy)

160 lb

5 foot 8

shy at first

Watch a lot of crude R films like Get Hard and American Pie.

Enjoy Disney films too.

love to play mario, pokemon, cod, last of us, kingdom hearts, god of war, halo, minecraft.

swear a LOT

Wear glasses (will try contacts)

go to the gym regularly

How do i seem ladies? Would you date me?


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  • I really can't tell if i'd date just from a description, but yeah, you seem like a person I would get to know


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