What do you find are the most attractive qualities in a potential partner? (I'm not only referring to physical)?

It's interesting to see what different people like and don't like.


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  • Very friendly , good sense of humor, open minded, compassionate and trust worthy


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  • Earlier, I was walking through the mall and I seen this girl helping this senior citizen by translating ; the girl not only had a really sweet tone, pretty but she was just so nice and helping. I'm not sure what that would fall in but someone like that would be perfect.

  • Compassionate- caring if you're going through a tough time.

    Kind- cares about your day, doesn't always criticize you, and never compliments.

    Isn't self centered-nothing wrong with putting yourself first. I'm even all for the girl first, but can a guy get some talk time in to once in awhile haha.

    Just be respectful to the fact a relationship is about US not me or you but US lol. Other fun stuff...
    :loves gaming
    :long walks on the beach
    :star gazing
    :pets (can't hate the puppies man)
    :good sense of humor (hm, should've included this up top to)
    :open minded (lol this should be up top)
    : bake (not cook per say, but able to bake a cake at least haha)
    :horror films, can't not like the cheesy jump scares
    : cuddling too ( I'm a guy, but I like it, deal with it :))

  • A woman with a heart of gold, a pure Princess and very loyal. A God fearing Woman


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  • Funny, down to earth, smart, loyal, caring, affectionate (loves cuddling), family-oriented, and has similar interests as me.

    Knowing how to fix things would be a plus! x)


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