Where can a guy like me find love?

I'm a city boy, I'm friendly, kind to all, respectful, awkward/sometimes shy, pretty good sense of humor, confident but cautious about approaching strangers and can be shy around people I find attractive. I'm good with kids, patient, extremely understanding, and very smart. I love knowledge, especially science, music, and I dabble in a few languages. I am loyal, trustworthy, reliable, honest, etc. I guess average looking? I'm really tall (6'1''). I don't really care. I'm hygenic and dress well. Some of my flaws/weaknesses are that I can be clumsy sometimes, I have physical problems (though I don't think they are very noticeable or that they would make an enormous difference), I sometimes appear mean or unfriendly to strangers, but to close people I loosen up (and I can seem soft to the person if I'm really in love), etc. I think you all get the gist of it, but don't hesistate to ask if you want more details on me.

I like intelligent girls (I find it a real turn on and it drives me crazy [in a good way] when a girl teaches me something I don't already know, I think this is called a sapiosexual), it's not hard to find girls shorter than me LOL, but I like girls my height or shorter, I like girls with goals and ambitions, somebody with a lot in common and who will be understanding and not easily angry with me, somebody who is kind and caring to all, somebody who will love me a lot the way I am and not try to change me, somebody who could make me feel needed and special to them. I've had some shitty experience in "love" but this is generally what I look for. Looks are secondary to me. They matter a little but not nearly as much as the rest matters.

Where could I find a girl like this? School? A library? Ideas? What do you think of what I'm looking for vs who I am?


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  • Have you tried craiglist? bars? clubs? gym?

    • I don't drink and I am not starting, so definitely not a bar. I don't trust craigslist, I haven't tried a club and I have had no luck at the gym.

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