How to get over trauma of relationship?

So, I had this bad relationship with a man once for two years. I really opened up to him and I can be myself around him, but then he started to despise me and in the end, he said he hated me, he even mocked my appearance. I felt like I was really low, that I was nothing.
after that I tried to date with other man, but when I got to know them and they got to know me better, and I realize I like him, I ran away, I shut myself out, which ended up me being alone again.
I really want to have a real relationship, but how can I if everytime it started I ran away. The problem is that is something I cannot control, the fear got control of me and the next thing I found myself distant with the new guy. Anyone has any advice?


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  • This is all about him. He is fucked up. Don't take it personally. Clearly he has problems

    • last time I checked he is gay and has a boyfriend actually.

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    • well, still it was crazy when someone you loved and knew everything about you hated you for who you are. That's what bothering me most. So I'm afraid that when I let them in they will hate me again

    • What you describe has nothing to do with your current situation that's all in your head

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