Could I hide a transexual?

So i have this thing for transexuals something about them makes my hairs stand up, but im in no way attracted to men. If i were to bring around a transexual girlfriend would my family find out they're a transexual? Could i keep it a secret?

Because as much as i love them i don't want my family to know im into that kind of stuff so id bring her around but id keep her little secret a secret would this work?


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  • Transexual isn't a term used anymore. Please use transgender and don't fetishize them. A transgender girl is still a girl. If she wants someone to know she's transgender it's her choice to tell them.


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  • Yo I can't be straight and be attracted to transgender women. You are both same sex, humans are not attracted to gender. We are attracted to sex we smell pheromones and since transgender women have male pheromones that is what you smell. You are bisexual and own it. Heterosexual Means different sex. Homosexual mean same sex. Own your bisexuality , you can now legally marry her after the legalisation of gay marriage
    Why men refuse to say they are bi is beyond me it's not disgusting.

    • i dont like men though

      its a fetish thing what most people who aren't into them see is a man dressed as a woman..
      all i see is a woman with a penis

    • That is the thing you like males, transgender women are male. Women don't ha e penises, Its evolutionarily proven. You being attracted to female is based on primal reasons to reproduce , transgender women, are male, they cannot reproduce their evolutionary purpose is to be hunters. You are both same sex that is the definition of gay, plus Tran women are mentally ill they suffer from gender dysphora, Iys like what aerobics have. they identify and see themselves as Fat but they aren't. my bet is you watch to much porn, porn rewires the brain, create a fetishes ( Which is a mental illness ) , make a people question their Sexuality and gender identity. Best bet stop watching porn for a while. FYI , have you ever watched ru Paul's drag race, that a transgender women without the hundreds of thousand of plastic surgery. I have known many trans women

    • i haven't and how i started watching trans videos where through lesbian
      i saw them using dildos and thats where it all started

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  • Only if she wanted to go along. But, like the MHG said, most don't want to be fetishized.

  • Gayyyyyyy!!!

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  • Do you f her up the ass?
    Bet she/he gives a great bj too hey!


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