Girls, Are there any women out there who don't judge men by their looks?

Or are most women shallow and only want mr six pack abs douchbag who likes abusing women and being unfaithful.

Like when a guy approaches you do you just assume he is bad because he doesn't fit your outragous "standards". I am so sorry not all men have six pack abs and play hip hop loudly from their cars and sag their pants and act like "gangsters".


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  • I feel like a lot of people misunderstand the word shallow.
    Wanting someone who has a six pack, is a douche bag, is abusive toward women, is unfaithful, sags their pants, listens to hip hop, and acts like gangsters is not shallow.
    That's just a really shitty preference.
    What actually is shallow is when you base someone's personality on how they look.
    For example; Assuming that every guy who has a six pack and listens to hip hop enjoys abusing women, being unfaithful, and acting like a gangster.


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  • it is more important to me that he is kind, caring, loving and nice. the only physical traits i look out for is soft eyes and an easy smiling mouth. and the sagging pants totally puts me off.

  • yes there are. hopefully ur not one of those guys who's gonna be like 'no you're lying' lol.

  • Ofcoarse there are women like that.. You need to remember that not everything depends on looks :)


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