Why won't he end it?

So I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months now. We've had an on and off relationship for the last 2 years. At first things were great and I just felt good overall from it. He was happy and I was happy. A few months ago he got busy abs we rarely spoke nor came over. A month later he came over randomly and acted like an asshole to me. He told me he didn't think much of the relationship and I asked him why he didn't leave abs he told me he was still sitting their. I told him he wasted my time and he was going to abruptly leave until I offered to talk about it and he just held me and decided to stay and talk. I told him he didn't need to stay with me and that I won't force him to be with me even if I love him. He came over the next day and everything was like back to normal. The other day I asked him what was happening and he shrugged it off. Also told me not to care about him. I also told him the other day to just end it if he isn't happy and he never replied. I don't understand why he's so back and forth with me. One minute he acts like a jerk and the next he acts like how he does around me normally. I just don't know what to do. Like I do love him, but it's so hard to right now.


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  • Oh girl Im dealing with a similar situation but I'm so happy I just realized the answer! He's half-heartedly into you! It's so darn confusing, I know but if you think about it, if a guy loves you, he won't make it confusing for u at all. The fact that he's even fine with the whole make up/break up thing, only shows that he doesn't care about u as much as you thought. You need to seriously end it completely I know when u love someone and you've seen their better side, it's easy to stick with them through all their crap. But you deserve soooooo much more than this! You seem like a awesome woman who doesn't deserve the pain, confusion and tears. Honey realize your worth like I had to realize mines. When/if my ex calls me today, I'll have a little conversation with him. Short and sweet and let him know I'm tired of the confusion and he can surely delete my number. I suggest you do the same as well. All your boyfriend is doing is wasting your time. He wants to want you, but he doesn't want you, and its shown. When a guy loves you, he won't act all crazy like he does. He'll go see you. Spend more time with u. He's purposely wasting your time. Please be smart and move on.


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