What are some things girls do during dating that make you think she's the one?

So I've been dating this guy & things are really good between us. He's told me he likes me & I've told him its mutual. Now I don't hound him with texts, we're both adults and our busy with are life's with work, friends, family there's no need to keep in constant contact. As long as we hang out once or twice a week as I feel it's better to get to know someone in person.

Most of our dates are just us messing around, having a laugh with a bit of banter. A lot of teasing & we have quite a few inside jokes as well as mimicking each other's sayings.

Now ow things have switched last night he wasn't his very jokingly & flirty self & he seemed down (think it might be from work & being tired) I was there for him & sympathised at how hard he's been working lately, I let him go & told him to get some sleep! I never asked outright what was up, if he's still like it when I see him next I'll ask if he wants to talk about it don't want to seem like I'm nagging over text.

Now j was just wondering am I approaching this the right way? As I do really like him & would like to win him over. Is there any tips from you guys?


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  • Do cute little things like snuggling up to him and rubbing noses with him. And make him food sometimes. With these you are sure to win him


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