All I ever wanted was somebody to love and for them to love me back. How to impress a girl?

I really hate my life right now I'm 31 and can't get laid due to social anxiety and horrible life. I'm working on getting fit but my body is ageing and I've missed out on all the fun of being a teenager or a young adult in my twenties and it sucks. I don't know what to do. Life is so cruel. Where ever I go there are people bringing me down or rying to supress me, even in my own family and I just can't take it no more. Even a friend who's a girl that understands I don't even have one of those. I'm sorry for moping but I'm just really down right now and wanted some help.


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  • firstly nobody wants to help someone simply get laid it is the rest of the adventure you should be looking for...

    • Listen not every guys thinks with his dick and being alone for that long, do you think that's all I want?

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    • sorry to hear that. Hope he comes back to you soon

    • I think you need to get out there... social anxiety sucks, I have it. However you need to realise nothing that happens during a social outing will outweigh you finding someone to be with. Which is more important?

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