Should I move or stay?

I want to move out but i dont know if i should stay close to my family in my hometown and find a place here or if i should move out and go to another city? I dont like the town i live in because its pretty boring, merry go roung and round, same faces, not multi cultural... pretty boring, buts its safe and close to family. I have one year of school left, or i can go to anothery bigger city over half a million people, fun, lots of multicultural people, but its not that safe and i dont have family over there... whats should i do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Go out
    U r safe everywhere as long as u r sensible

    It's an experience worth having, if it doesn't work u can always come back


What Girls Said 1

  • Sty Put until you have Finished 'One year of school left' here, dear. By then, you can Decide what is right for you with even a Job that will Direct you in the Right decision and One in which your pockets and common sense will Direct you as well.
    You have it good at home, you know the Love and safety within the dwelling in which you reside in now.
    Don't Hurry it unless you have a set game plan. I have made a few mistakes by Moving out into a Wrong Hometown and dad having to come get Me...3 days later.
    Good luck. xx


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