Why so many guys are taking their gfs for granted?

Is it because they know she won't leave or since they dont care?
As an example, in my relationship i was the one who was always doing the first steps, due to his lack of experience. I know its a mutual fellings, but still after some time being together in a relationship i feel like if not my initiative we wouldn't be dating.


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  • Have you talked to him about it? He is probably under the impression you are happy with the way things are.

    Maybe try and ease him into taking more initiative. Say, next date night you do whatever he wants, he makes the plans. Then whatever it is, even if you aren't too fond of it, go with it. Enjoy it. Tell him how sexy you think it is when he takes the initiative.


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  • Because there is a severe lack of sufficiently attractive men relative to the number of sufficiently attractive women, thanks to the death of masculine charm.

  • So because you made the first move you think he takes the whole relationship for granted? If that's the case then like 90% of women take their boyfriends for granted because you're in the minority of being the one to be the initiator.


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