Why do men stop trying?

Once in love or they feel their girl won't leave why do men stop trying? It pushes us away and we do eventually leave.


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  • I never stop trying lol, maybe take a short break and recharge from trying, but I'll never actually fully halt to a stop from doing it.

    Relationships are like a garden after all they both require consistent care to flourish and grow.


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  • Both in a relationship need to put in work for it to flourish. That's why sometimes you'll hear a man say "Oh, she let herself go" (which is rude but it might be accurate) and a man might not keep up with the romance to make their woman feel special.

    Once the honeymoon phase is done, that's when the work begins. Relationships take a lot of work, too.


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  • The problem here is that men and women are hardwired completely differently. As women, we tend to think, value and believe certain things that are different to what a man would tend to think, value and believe.

    See, what’s intuitive to us women, can be completely foreign to men.


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