How do I get someone of a different race to like me?

I'm a junior in college have been single for a while now and really want to try something different. I would love to date a caucasian but I dont think the ones at my school date outside there race. I see some look at me and even stare but none come up to me. Since I do go to a predominantly white school I would just like to try my options. Im mixed Puerto Rican and black... I'm just now getting friends outside of my comfort zone in hopes that I can achieve getting someone outside my race, but any help would be wonderful.

How do I get someone of a different race to like me?


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  • In my experience white men (providing you do mean men, though it'll be the same for white women too) are usually pretty fond of girls with your type of background, Latinas can be pretty sought after.

    Based on the pics you've provided you look good, so I don't think you'll have too much issue getting a white partner (though I wouldn't presume to judge unless it was full-body). Beyond that though I don't really know what to tell you, I can't think of anything specific you could do to entice a Caucasian to like you more than other races.


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  • you never know until you try. and don't treat any specific race with some kind of guideline you find on the internet, treat them like you would any other human being.


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