Girl gives out number, how long before potential text is normal?

So I met this guy during a brief work situation. I was instantly attracted to him and we seemed to hit if off well. I only got to work with him for 2 days today been the last day. I was determined today to somehow suggest we catch up again. Luckily for me he actually suggested we go for a drink together sometime before I mentioned anything. Becuase we were busy I didn't get to speak to him right up until it was till for everyone to depart. I didn't want my co workers to see us chatting together so I wrote my number on a piece of paper and as I said goodbye I said if you ever facny that drink just call me. he took out his phone as if to take my number but I swiftly passed him the paper becuase i was shy people would see.
So my question: Does it seem deserate me giving him my number? (I've never given a aguy my number first before)
How long until perhaps he will message if ever? (i haven't dated in a long time...)


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  • There is nothing desperate about knowing what you want and going for it. If you haven't heard from him within a week of giving him your phone number, he's probably not interested.

    • okay cool thanks for some perspective! Much appreciated :)

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  • No, Not 'Desperate' at all, @frazzled More like Considerate, sweetie.
    Being he had 'Suggested we go for a drink together sometime,' you have him where you can Allow to yourself a little extra Overtime this Time With... I swiftly passed him the paper...
    No telling 'How long' but if he really is Into you for that 'Drink,' then he Will... Think.
    Good luck. xx

    • so kind and sweet thank you! I appreciate your words and thoughts x

    • NP, @frazzled, just Being Honest in what I see before and after 5 when the doors close. lol
      Thank you so much and thank you as well for the Upvote, sweetie. I will cross my fingers you get a text or call soon. xxoo

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What Guys Said 2

  • It REALLY depends on the guy.
    He may call you today
    He may call you next week, next month, never?

    He may have lost your number too...

  • Well it depends from person to person. Wait till the weekend I suppose.

    And no it does not seem desperate to me.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's not desperate at all. And it's hard to say, he could message you any time from today even until next week, it depends on the guy.

    • Thank you. I guess I'm just over thinking it because I've never done something like that before :)

    • No problem at all :) Hope it all works out for you :)

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