Having a random convo about our past with my boyfriend and he says he did it 8xs in one day with his ex.. Would you get mad?

And don't lie and say " oh it's the past bla bla " I'm sure we all feel a certain way when we feel a diff way about a special person. I think about it sometimes and I get upset. I know this was the past but we only go 3-4 times a day max then he can't, u can be brutally honest and tell me what you think... he says he was in better shape and was playing football then... So he had the stamina! -_-


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  • I can understand how it hurts you. Guys sometimes feel the same way if he finds out that his girlfriend did things in bed with previous partners but won't do them for him. You feel like he gave his best to her and that she got something you didn't.

    Maybe try and posited encourage him to get in better shape, or maybe see if there's something he he could do with you that he nrver did with his ex.

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    • Well I'm a virgin so I can't really tell you if the reason is because he was more attracted to her.

      It's possible, but anotger explanation could be weight gain, more stress, and lower sex drive.

    • Seriously don't read into it. 8x is not a normal amount for couples so he was just having a good day lol. He probably had to have a lot going right physically to recover that many times. I am sure you're hott to him and he likes the sex a lot. No worries :)

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  • I wouldn't due to the fact that it's his ex and it's not like he said he had it with 8 different girls. He just fucked her 8 times in one day. I also wonder what he considers that because some people think blow jobs counts or him eating her out etc.

    Now for your situation, I would explain to him that sex can get him into better shape. There are also ways for him to gain stamina though as people age they do lose it. You feel how you feel though I would personally feel fine (yet I wouldn't even be talking about past relationships anyway).


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  • You want me to be brutally honest then fine. You're being beyond ridiculous. I fail to see how it would matter if he had sex with the same girl 8 times in one day unless he cheater, which he clearly did not. No rational person who get pissed about the fact he had sex with her more times in one day than he does with you.

  • 3-4 times is still extremely good don't worry about it

    • Yes but 8 times? Does that mean he was more into her?

    • No that just means he waa younger and had a crazy amount for a time. I wouldn't do any kind of comparison there's sooo many factors that going into how many times a guy can recover

    • I know, but it irks me cause I start to think. More attraction? Better sex? I don't know... I'm pretty mature and I understand our past is the past; but fck! 8 times? Lol

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  • I personally wouldn't get mad but every girl is different and as different reactions to certain things. Doesn't mean what you're feeling is wrong. If you're mad it's okay.


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